Monday, November 16, 2009

Brandon & Kiana

After what seemed like forever, we finally made it back to San Diego to visit. We were also able to do a shoot of my very close friend Junior and his kids Brandon and Kiana. Should I even call them kids any more? Brandon's getting ready to graduate from high school and Kiana's in 10th grade. Wow how time flies!!!

We really didn't get much time to do a complete shoot but the location was a beautiful place. I saw how the light from the sunset was playing against the water and, through the shoot, really wanted to incorporate that element into some of the shots.

Close to the end of the shoot I had to use it before it all went dark. I figured it would be perfect as a backdrop and had the kids set up close to the shore while Junior held the flash up. The sun also added an element of also being a edge/fill light.

As soon as everybody was ready and I had the ripples framed just right I started firing away. Click

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