Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Isn't it funny how those kids that are so energetic, fearless, and carefree are the ones that I think are so adorable?! Always smiling and ever so confident, they have this certain charm that’s so irresistible. That’s how I describe Sophia. She’s far from being the girlish type. If she were she wouldn’t be Liam’s partner in crime.

Sophia doesn't give me very many chances to photograph her. I think I'm averaging maybe once a year. So when the chance arises I take advantage of it!

This was taken at the Lopez Ranch Pumpkin Patch right on Sunset and just a stone’s throw away from the Whiskey a Go Go. It’s a great place to go to for pumpkins and Christmas trees. And since it’s in such an awesome location it’s also a great place to get a chance to see some celebrities.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The Rondaels… Maximo and Didi… 50 years of marriage… their Golden Anniversary… so hard to imagine. It’s such an incredible milestone! Even after all those years, you can still see that spark in their eyes when they are together. So beautiful!

Even more incredible is the indelible impression these two leave with everyone that they meet. So many people came up to them to congratulate them and also to get a picture with them, almost as if they were rock stars! They hardly had a chance to have their dinner! But were they bothered by any of this? Not one bit! They were as kind and inviting as ever.

I photographed this reflection of the two of them on a window pane outside of the reception hall when the party was winding down. While it may seem like a ghostly image of them, to me it’s more than that. To me it’s an image that transcends their mortality into immortality. After all, I believe the true measure of a person’s success isn’t by how much material wealth they accumulate, but by how many hearts and souls they have touched along the way. And for so many years they have and continue to touch so many hearts and souls... together.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Veronica and I recently had the privilege of photographing Michael and Mark's wedding. It was our first same sex wedding and was truly one that we’ll never forget. The amount of unending love and incredible support for what they were doing was truly remarkable! During the ceremony, Pastor Dan Smith asked for a show of hands to see how many of us were experiencing our first same sex wedding. It was unanimous. Almost everyone, myself included, raised their hands.

To be honest I never thought I would attend a same sex wedding. Why? Because I never really knew very many people that were gay or lesbian. I did make friends with them, but I did it blindly. Then again, I never really cared, or tried to understand what gays or lesbians were about, or why they were who they were. I would totally shut myself off when it came to the subject. I was a fool.

Then I met Michael and Mark. When my wife and I were getting to know them and were asking about their special day, I felt something very different. They seemed so happy, so alive. But there was something else. Something that I just couldn’t put a finger on… something special. What was it?!

We then went on to photograph their engagement and pre-wedding session. It was an unforgettable experience and I learned a lot about patience (but that’s another story altogether). Still I didn’t figure out just what that something special was.

Finally the wedding day was here. I photographed… I listened… I observed… then I finally understood! As I said before, there was a huge outpouring of love and support for the two of them. More than I’ve ever seen before at a wedding. It was such a wonderfully happy and joyous celebration!

But what was it that I learned from this experience? I finally learned and understood what that special something was. It was that they are truly genuine, truthful, and honest to themselves and to everyone else around them. They are alive because of the honesty that they have to themselves and of whom they are. They feel free and are released from the burden or need of hiding behind a façade. And most of all, they found and fell in love with somebody else that believes the same thing.

All around me were people that were truly happy about who they were and they weren’t afraid to show it. Regardless of whether or not they were gay or straight didn’t matter. They were comfortable being themselves and they were truly happy…