Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cristy & Joe

On their Five year anniversary they decide to reupholster their couch and finish off some odds and ends around their beautiful home.

On other days they spend time with their 2.5 children, who by the way are quite the hand full.

AVM could not be happier to sit in and photograph these guys this past weekend. We had an awesome time photographing these two and their brood last weekend. The best part for me was when they all looked at me! Even the cat! Hehe…

With more love and strength than when they started, and obviously a boat load of patience, love has thrived to its fullest potential. Happy Anniversary Cristy and Joe: established 2/21/2009!

… and for those who like to know:
Camera and Lens: Canon 5D MkIII with a 70-200mm f2.8L IS with Singh Ray Vari-ND filter set at f/5.0, 1/80, ISO 100, 155mm.
Lighting: 1 580EXII with full CTO gel on a light stand @ 1/16 power to the right. 1 Bowens GM500 in front and to the right with medium softbox set at about f/7.1. Both triggered by Pocket Wizard PWIIs.