Monday, March 2, 2015



My lovely this weekend was my little Lizzy Bear. The little bossy Lizzy bear has grown to become a beatiful, still bossy, smart and sassy young lady.

This girl has tried at least six or seven sports in her life and seems it has been non-stop since she could walk! I get tiered just listening to her talk a mile a minute!

This weekend she was being bossed around, and what do you know?? She dealt well, mature and respectful. Makes me proud to call her my boo. Can't wait to party with this girl!

The photo stuff:
Camera and Lens: Canon 5D MkIII with a 17-40mm f/4L set at 1/60, f/5, ISO 1600, 17mm.
Lighting: 1 Canon 580EXII @ 1/32 power held by VAL camera right and triggered by Pocket Wizard PWIIs.

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