Monday, April 30, 2012


This is Brownie. He’s a beautiful, friendly, and healthy 1 year old Brindle Boxer. 2 months ago this poor guy got a cast placed on his leg after breaking it from a freak accident with a metal gate. But finally, after all that time watching him hobble agonizingly from one place to another, the cast will be coming off this week. Yay!!!

He’s not my dog though. To be honest, our last pet was a Black Moor goldfish with the big puffy eyes that we affectionately called Freddie. He lived a pretty tough 4 years. And during those years, short of mouth-to-mouth, I had to resuscitate him a number of times from the brink of death for more reasons than I want to list here.

Sadly, after our last move, he became very sick. He stopped eating and began listing on his side. I tried in vain to revive him by hand feeding him and lifting him up when he started drooping. I even tried carrying him through the water so it could pass through his gills. But nothing worked and he eventually died.

So… we gave him the traditional salute and sent him through the shortcut to the sea via the porcelain doorway. Time for another goldfish!

... and for the camera geekdom:
Shot with a Canon EOS 5D MkIII with a Canon 50 f1.4 @ f1.4, Manual exposure 1/125 sec @ ISO 800.

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