Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last Tuesday, my son Ben achieved his goal of becoming a black belt in Nippon Kenpo. It took him 6 years to do but he did it. To say that I am proud of him is an understatement.

Granted, it wasn’t easy. There were plenty of times that we battled with him to go. There were plenty of times that even we didn’t want to go. But we couldn’t quit and neither could he. We’d tell him, “Quitting is always easy, but you’ll never get anywhere doing that.” We’d also say, “You have to finish what you start.” So eventually he did go, and so did we.

When he first started, we did it so he could learn about commitment and discipline. But he’s learned more than just that. He’s also learned self-confidence, leadership, and has also developed a never-give-up attitude.

All these skills he’s learned so far. And he’s still learning! Wow!!! Did I already say how proud I am of him? 

Lighting info: 1 Bowens GM 500 camera right @ f13 powered by Vagabond Mini Lithium and triggered by PWIIs.

AVM Photography

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