Monday, September 21, 2009

Just... BREATH!

Just... BREATH! Something that I should remember when the days, or weeks, get challenging. If only I could cruise along quietly and easily like this guy. Without a care in the world. Just enjoying myself.

That's not gonna happen though. Not in this lifetime. With a family to support and bills to pay this world that we live in is never smooth sailing. I'm trying to do all this while starting my own little business.

When I was part of the machine I thought that I knew how to handle it all. Why should it be a problem for me to have my own business? I was already working for somebody else and they were squeezing the life out of me! Why not put all that energy into working for myself. After all, I just have to manage more carefully.

Boy was I wrong! Sure I understand the management part of it, but the most important part, "Sales and Marketing", is completely foreign to me. I never tried to do that sort of stuff. So now I'm going through all this blindly, learning step by step, one at a time, mistake after mistake, success after success.

Hopefully one day I'll look back at this time and think, "What was I thinking?", and laugh at myself, but right now it's still a BIG BIG challenge for me.

Then again... would I really enjoy life without challenges? I think not!

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